vim-sexp (2012−present, VimScript)

  • S-expression editing plugin for Vim.
  • Features:
    • Carefully crafted text motions that allow standard Vim operations on Lisp forms.
    • Balanced bracket insertion and deletion.
    • List manipulation commands from Emacs's paredit.
    • Excellent Clojure compatibility.

vim-clojure-static (2012−present, VimScript, Clojure)

  • Official Vim filetype plugin for the Clojure language since Feb/2013
  • Originally extracted from Meikel Brandmeyer's VimClojure project
  • Features:
    • Major improvements to syntax highlighting and indentation.
    • Machine generation of significant portions of the syntax definitions and builtin completions.
    • Extensive regular expression syntax highlighting.
    • Configurable indentation and extensible syntax highlighting.

haus (2009–present)

  • Personal programs, libraries, configuration, and documentation.
  • Dotfile installation:
  • 10+ years of bash and readline customization:
    • bashrc: Shell initialization entry point
    • functions.bash: Helper functions for defining aliases, functions, and completions
    • path.bash: Prunes and exports PATH environment variable
    • options.bash: Sets interesting POSIX and bash shell options
    • prompts.bash: Defines attractive and usable values for PS1, PS2, PS4, and PROMPT_COMMAND
    • env.bash: Exports useful environment variables
    • interactive.bash: Aliases, functions, and completions
    • inputrc: Readline bindings for bash, irb/pry, psql, and more
    • inputrc.d/utf-8: Bindings to UTF-8 characters for readline, vim, mutt, and weechat

xterm-color-table (2011–present, VimScript)

  • Vim scratch buffer for perusing and yanking the 256 xterm color palette with RGB equivalents.

    xterm-color-table xterm-color-table with RGB

JellyX (2011–present, VimScript, Ruby)

  • Personal Vim colorscheme. A combination of Xoria256 and Jellybeans.

    JellyX Ruby JellyX Folds

mbwatch (2013–2014, Clojure)

  • An interactive console IMAP client utilizing mbsync.

    mbwatch-daemon mbwatch-client

optparse-clj (2013, Clojure, ClojureScript)

  • Functional GNU-style command line options parser, merged into tools.cli.

editserver (2011–2012, Ruby)

  • Edit any text field on OS X in your favorite editor! Implemented as a local HTTP Ruby web service + AppleScript.

example-forking-daemon (2011, C)

  • Example UNIX daemon in C that forks worker processes. Written as an instructive document for a mailing list discussion.

html2email (2010, Ruby)

  • Ruby HTML email templating engine built on Tilt and Premailer.


Slamhound (Clojure, 2013–2016)

tools.cli (2013–2015, Clojure, ClojureScript)

  • Official Clojure library for handling command line options.
  • Merged optparse-clj in v0.3.0.
  • Official maintainer from Dec/2013 - Jul/2015.

lein-bin (2013, Clojure)

feh (2013–2016, C)

  • Enable navigation of images by directory.
  • Add an option that sorts by file modification time.

NrrwRgn (2011, VimScript)

  • Catch errors when accessing local options.

bash (2012)

  • Bug report and workaround for subtle incorrect behavior during completion.

regbuf.vim (2011, VimScript)

  • Set default yank register to "+ or "* if &clipboard has unnamedplus or unnamed.

Vim (2011–2016, C)

  • Bugfixes and features:
    • [PATCH] Fix backwards search from multibyte character (7.3.779)
    • [PATCH] Properly restore cursor state after indentexpr evaluation (7.3.812)
    • [PATCH] Fix forward searching with the SEARCH_START flag (7.3.877)
    • [PATCH] Make 'lispwords' a global-local option (7.4.201)
    • [PATCH] Convert 'formatprg' to a global-local option (8.0.0179)
  • Add vim-clojure-static as the official Clojure filetype plugin:
    • [PATCH] Add runtime files for the Clojure programming language (2013)

imagez (2013, Clojure)

  • Add components-a?rgb with tests.

Gifiscle (2013, C)

  • Add an option to set a default frame delay when viewing animated GIFs.

pass (2012, bash)

vimium (2012, CoffeeScript)

UltiSnips (2011–2013, Python, VimScript)

CTAGS Highlighting (2011, Python, VimScript)

vim-unimpaired (2011, VimScript)

  • Support new Vim feature `set clipboard=unnamedplus`.

vim-surround (2011, VimScript)

  • Support new Vim feature `set clipboard=unnamedplus`.

vim-preview (2011, Ruby)

Command-T (2010–2012, Ruby)

Typus (2010, Ruby)

yard (2012, Ruby)

  • Return exception messages body as Array in RackAdapter.

vim-fugitive (2012, VimScript)

  • Support more git index locations.
  • Fix broken function call.

leiningen (2012, sh)

  • Replace `whoami` with `id -u` test.

vim-orgmode (2012, VimScript)

screen.vim (2011–2012, VimScript)

delayed_paperclip (2011, Ruby)

delayed_job (2010–2012, Ruby)

net-scp (2010, Ruby)

  • Three patches to fix insecure escaping of filenames: [1] [2] [3].